Our hotel is ecologically oriented. Located in a very special place, in the heart of the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park, it is a hotel that respects nature and uses its resources conscientiously.

Water Cycle

All of the hotel's wastewater is channeled through separate black and gray water circuits. The biological reactor treatment plant is in charge of leaving these wastewater in perfect conditions to be used in the irrigation of plants. In this way, savings of more than 40% are achieved in the cost of drinking water. In addition, rainwater is collected and stored to make up for the lack of irrigation supply in low activity seasons.

Use of non-polluting materials in construction

In the construction of the hotel, natural materials such as cork have been used in the insulation of the roofs and chambers, as well as natural stone from the place, worked by stone artisans to erect exposed walls.

Energy savings in home automation controlled lighting


We achieve significant savings using low-energy light bulbs and LEDs, as well as global control by home automation of rooms and common areas.

Solar energy use

Thanks to a solar thermal installation that supplies hot water and floor heating to the hotel, it is possible to save 938 m3 of gas per year and thus avoid an emission to the atmosphere of 5,560.6 Kg of CO2. A system made up of a dozen collectors, connected in batteries and horizontally arranged to facilitate their integration, covers energy needs.

Green consumables use

The paper products we use at the hotel are made from paper pulp from sustainable forests (cultivated especially for logging, regenerated and continuously repopulated).

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