In Spain there are places that have kept the calm and quiet character of past times: a feeling of a slower flow of life that allows us to save time for details.

Seekers of these sensations of relaxation and rest, not only of the body, but also of the mind, are often captivated by the essential landscapes in which Mother Nature presents herself with splendor, such as that of the Cabo de Gata - Nijar Natural Park. a territory of 38,000 hectares, with a semi-arid climate and a unique sub-desert landscape on the European continent.

In it, you will be able to appreciate the physical and human origin of this singular place of North African appearance, and feel like a traveler to exotic places and distant times in front of the Arab spirit that we still find alive: ceramics, traditional pottery bequeathed to Moors to old Christians, the fibers of esparto grass and jarapas loom still fully operational.

Protected as a Natural Park in homage to its imposing geography and, miraculously preserved part of its cultural heritage from the wear and tear of progress, this place invites us to visit it and collaborate with common sense in the care and conservation of such a unique corner of the Iberian Peninsula.

Coves, beaches, mountains, hills, dry riverbeds and, ultimately, landscapes in which you will not remain indifferent. Magical places where, according to the time of year when you visit them, you will find them different, mysterious or wild, whispering of stories from other times and open to the discovery of the most recondite of their being.

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